Pinal County Improves Flood Insurance Rating

The Pinal County Flood Control District recently announced county property owners who have flood insurance should see a 5% decrease in their premiums due to the district earning a class 6 rating with the National Flood Insurance Program’s community rating system. 

Pinal County must submit a report to the NFIP every five years about how its floodplain management program exceeds its minimum standards for protecting residents from major flood events, after which it receives a rating. 

Those living in the Special Flood Hazard Area shown on the Federal Emergency Management Administration’s maps are expected to see a 20% overall discount in their premiums, and those in other areas will have a total discount of 10%. 

The changes take effect May 1 and will apply to all new and renewed policies, according to the County. 

Submitting the required reports are always a complex task, a County press release said, but flood district staff dove into the task last year and were able to improve the rating as a result.

Communities must be a participating member of the NFIP for residents to be eligible to purchase flood insurance, which is a requirement for federally backed mortgages. 

County officials recommend homeowners who live in or near a floodplain and aren’t required to buy the insurance still buy a “preferred protection” plan for any flood damage they might experience, which probably won’t be covered by their homeowners insurance policy. Policies with contents coverage are also available, for renters as well as property owners. 

Residents can go to the County’s flood district website at for more information and can click on the “Am I In A Floodplain?” page. Requests for information can also be submitted at For more information call 520-866-6411.