Pinal County is Searching for a New County Manager

County Manager Greg Stanley has served in this current role since 2014, but he is now ready to retire. He told the Board of Supervisors on April 10 that he hopes to retire in late October, although he can be flexible on that timetable if needed.

He presented an Executive Recruitment Strategy plan to the Board of Supervisors for their approval during the April 10, 2019 Special Session meeting.

As indicated in their online meeting notes, “Acknowledging and valuing the County’s current positive position, strong culture and leadership, and with a focus on meeting the County’s future needs, the recruitment efforts will begin with an evaluation of internal candidates. Expanded recruitment efforts will be undertaken if needed.”

Stanley proposed hiring an outside consultant to conduct interviews with the members of the Board of Supervisors as well as other key leadership people in the County. This will give the consultant the basis to create a job description of the ideal county manager attributes and qualifications.

The supervisors agreed that hiring someone internally would be best, allowing for an orderly transition.

An internal candidate, would be, “…familiar with the County, goals, political factions and able to hit the ground running,” Supervisor Todd House explained.

They hope to have the job qualifications and description determined by May 17 and brought forward to the Supervisors for their approval.

The Supervisors would prefer to hire the new County Manager in September, which would allow for an 30-day orderly transition until Stanley’s retirement in October.

The supervisors unanimously approved the outline for the recruitment strategy.