Lucid Motors, Nikola Motors, Severtson Screens, Apex Motor Club, LKQ Corporation and Green Gas Partners just to name a few companies with recent significant announcements impacting Pinal County.

Pinal County’s leaders, with officials from the cities and towns, are jointly laser-focused on that growth. They are marketing it – selling Pinal County to the nation as the most desirable place to start, expand or relocate a business that offers good wages and promising careers for residents.

The good news keeps coming for the future of Pinal: Car company Lucid Motors received a $1B infusion of investment cash and will be speeding up their plans to produce their cars in Casa Grande … creating 2,000 jobs.

Nikola Motors announced they are moving their manufacturing facility location to Coolidge. This means another 2,000 high-tech, well-paying jobs for Pinal.
“Pinal County will soon have the corner on transportation manufacturing in Arizona,” declared Pinal County Manager Greg Stanley.

According to the county, Severtson Screen is moving to San Tan Valley from Mesa. “… they’re going to be starting the permit process soon,” said Stanley.
The screen company is the largest family-owned movie screen manufacturer in the county. It celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2016 and continues to be a global leader in innovation and quality. The addition of a new facility with its state-of-the art robotic application system not only increases the company’s production capability, it also increases the number of screen sizes available to their clients, according to

A Fortune 500 auto parts and vehicle recycling company, LKQ Corporation, has a conditional use permit and development plan from the Casa Grande Planning and Zoning Commission. Construction on the 107,000 square-foot warehouse located at the northwest corner of Thornton and Peters roads in Casa Grande is underway. The company plans to hire up to 100 people upon completion.

Renewable energy operations is becoming a dominate economic generator for Pinal County. Earlier in September, the Pinal County Board of Supervisors approved the county’s Industrial Development Authority to issue $60 million in bonds for Green Gas Partners, a methane processing facility outside of Stanfield. The bonds do not cost the county, rather it results in a tax break for bond buyers and a lower interest rate for the borrowers. Green Gas Partners, through the use of anaerobic digestion takes cow manure and processes it to methane gas and fertilizer. The facility is located next to several dairies in Stanfield.

Apex is a motorsports country club for racing in a private setting. Located on 280 acres in Maricopa, it will be the only private motorsports club and race track within the metropolitan boundaries of one of the six most populated cities in America, Phoenix, according to the company.

Besides the two race-quality asphalt road courses, the club is planning a country club, multi-purpose event building, 264 condominiums and for-lease temperature controlled garages for vehicle storage, a tuning shop and fuel station, as well as a karting facility.

According to Pinal County officials, these companies are just the beginning for future growth.

“With the solar we’ve assembled on the drawing board, soon Pinal County is going to be the biggest producer of green energy in the state of Arizona,” said Stanley.
“We’re working with several other companies that we can’t divulge details. Some of them have to do with military defense, also other manufacturers. Some rather large manufacturing ones that hopefully we’ll be able to announce soon,” added Kanavel.

Located near Casa Grande, Arizona, Attesa is seven miles from Interstate 10, just off Interstate 8’s Exit 167.

“Attesa will create an economic engine for the region, provide thought leadership for automotive innovation, serve as an educational partner with universities conducting research and development, and deliver a multifaceted sporting and entertainment venue,” according to

Announced in 2016, Attesa officials reported approximately 61 percent of their future employees will reside in Pinal County, according to updated projections from an Economic Impact Study prepared by Elliott D. Pollack & Company.

“Casa Grande is projected to benefit most from incremental local economic activity associated with nearly 5,000 Attesa employees. Maricopa, the county’s second largest city, is projected as the home of nearly 1,600 Attesa employees upon buildout,” the company states on

Attesa, a $1.1 billion project, announced it will initially recruit over 8,000 workers in the construction and building industry as it produces two racing circuits, a 300-room hotel and 20,000 sq. ft. conference center, driving club, multi-use venue, waste water treatment plant and solar canopied plaza.