Purr-purr-trator or Legal Beagle

Keeping Your Pet Safe on the Streets

by Gigi McWhirter

Learning the rules of the road is not just for pedestrians but also for pet owners, who simply need to know the facts and follow the rules. The City of Casa Grande Animal Care and Adoption Center (CGACC) has published a handy brochure featuring several city animal control codes. And the Pinal County Animal Care and Control has a user-friendly webpage called “Frequently Asked Questions.”

Below are outtakes from the CGACC brochure.

NEW LEASH ON LIFE — No person owning, keeping, possessing, harboring or maintaining a dog shall allow the dog to be at large. An animal control officer may impound any animal found at large, or off the owner’s property, not under control or not on a leash of some person in the streets, alleys or other public places or vacant or enclosed lots in the city.

TAG ‘EM DANNO — Casa Grande code states: All dogs and cats kept, harbored or maintained in the city must be licensed if older than 4 months. A license shall be issued by the city or designated agents. Cats living in unincorporated areas of Pinal County do not need to be licensed, and some cities or towns do not require a license for a cat. Change of ownership also requires that the license be changed to the new owner. Any animal subject to licensing found not wearing a license shall be deemed unowned. Stray or unowned animals are held for 72 hours per state law. The animal then becomes the property of the shelter.

BITE ME — Whenever a dog or cat bites any person, the incident shall be reported to the city police department or an animal control officer immediately by any person having direct knowledge. This rule applies to the entire state. Bites are reported to the agency serving the property where the bite occurred. Failure to report a bite is considered unlawful.

NO GO — No person having charge or custody of an animal, as owner or otherwise, shall place or confine the animal or allow the animal to be placed or confined or to remain in a motor vehicle under such conditions or for such period of time as may endanger the health or well-being of the animal because of heat, lack of food or drink or such other circumstances that may cause suffering, disability or death. Also important to note, a peace officer or animal control officer who finds an animal in a motor vehicle in violation of motor vehicle confinement rules may break and enter the vehicle to remove the animal. The animal may then be taken by the officer to an animal shelter or other place of safe keeping. A person who violates any provision of the confinement section is guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor.

DON’T LEAVE ME — Abandoning an animal is prohibited. This includes leaving them on a road, street, highway or on public or private property. An animal is also considered abandoned when the owner or custodian fails to claim it from a boarding or veterinary facility.

Remember, cruelty to animals is prohibited. Period. Whether the animal belongs to you or someone else. If you suspect cruelty, contact a peace officer or animal control officer immediately.

Please refer to the animal control agency serving your area for laws and ordinances. Happy Tails to you!

Casa Grande Animal Care & Adoption Center: 520-426-9300 

Eloy Animal Care and Control: 520-466-4152    

Pinal County Animal Control: 520-509-3555

Printed with permission from the Casa Grande Animal Care and Adoption Center.