by Amber Galuppo, Future Voices Leadership Award winner and Chuck Wright, CO-Director, Future Voices Association

In 2018, the Future Voices Association created the Future Voices Leadership Award for two graduating seniors, for $1,000 each, at Union and Vista Grande high schools in the Casa Grande Union High School District. The two recipients were Madelynn Halley of Union High School and Amber Galuppo of Vista Grande High School. The Future Voices Association is getting ready to release the Future Voices Leadership application for 2019 and wanted to share the thoughts of one of our recipients, Amber Galuppo.

In Her Own Words, by Amber Galuppo

The Future Voices Association awards two leaders from both Vista Grande High School and Casa Grande Union High School with a $1,000 scholarship. They must demonstrate exceptional leadership skills and have made an impact on the community. I was the Vista Grande High School recipient of the scholarship last year due to being a leader in several clubs and having hundreds of hours of community service.

I was very fortunate to receive this scholarship, and it allowed my dream of attending Arizona State University to come true. I was able to use this scholarship to pay for part of my tuition. When I graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business-sustainability, I will be able to pursue my next goal of becoming a chief sustainability officer of a large corporation. I want to help lead the sustainability movement.

The Future Voices Association not only awards the top leaders in the high school community with the Leadership Award, but provides them with opportunities to serve their community. As a current Voices member, I am able to participate in meetings and help participants achieve their goals, such as bettering the scholarship program.

Recently, I was able to participate in updating the Leadership Award application process by brainstorming and planning with the Voices board. It was an enlightening experience to go from being a recipient of the award to creating a new version of the award for future applicants. I’m glad I was able to help create the scholarship application because I was able to offer a different perspective of it so it would be more tailored toward future Voices recipients.

This experience with the Future Voices Association has allowed me to gain real-world leadership experience. I am better able to communicate as a leader and understand how a local Casa Grande association is run. I was able to see not only how the scholarship has impacted my future, but others as well. It has allowed me to learn more about Casa Grande and how I can make a positive impact on it.

The Future Voices Association also made me realize that maybe you don’t need to be the top executive of a global enterprise to make a difference. Maybe all it takes is believing in the next generation and enabling them to pursue their academic dreams with a scholarship. It has influenced me to become one of the Voices for the next generation of scholars and others who need it.

About This Award

The Future Voices Association Leadership Award is about cultivating leadership and projecting it forward in one’s life through continuing education, business relations, professional interactions and strategic social networking. This is a scholarship granted to a Senior of CGUHSD’s Union and Vista Grande current graduating class that is able to provide several examples of leadership experience in their lives to date. The applicants must also project how they would employ leadership techniques in their continuing education and career development.

The Birth of This Award

The Future Voices Association Leadership Award is a projection of the Voices-2016 human-interest photography project created in 2016 by local businessperson Chuck Wright. The project focused on 12 Casa Grande citizens, who were between the ages of 20-45 years old. These twelve individuals all worked in Casa Grande and had a strong community service agenda in their resume. They were all selected because of their impact in our community but were not yet publicly identified community servants. These individuals were and still are providing their efforts in the community, under the radar of local public recognition. Creators and members of Voices-2016 endorse the principles of this scholarship and its foundation.

The Scholarship Amount

The scholarship amount will be a maximum of $1,000 to each CGUHSD Union and Vista Grande award recipient. Each scholarship amount will deposited in a one-time amount into the tuition account of the trade school, college or university chosen by the award recipient. The scholarship will be for one year only.

Voices/Future Voices Members

Voices: Emily Brinkin, Breanna Boland, Sam Reinhard, Robert Miller, Matt Lemberg, Timothy Mace, Jennifer McClintic, Veronica Morton, Erica Herman, Stacey Seaman, Andy Salazar, Thomas Anderson

Future Voices: Amber Bolling Gallupo, Madelynn Halley

Board of Directors Are:

Thomas Anderson-President, Tim Mace-Vice, Sam Reinhard-Sec-Tres, Erica Herman-Member at Large and Connie and Chuck Wright-Co-Directors.

To apply for scholarship in January

Vista Grande or Union students, contact your student counselors to receive an application. The applications will become available on January 8th, 2019.