Sharing is Caring

Steve and Cindy Schaider have a simple philosophy about life: sharing is caring. They have lived their lives that way, whether supporting their church, volunteering or supporting local charities. Together, they want to leave a lasting, positive mark in their community through their philanthropy.

Upon moving to Casa Grande in 1980, both were blessed with good jobs — Steve with United Parcel Service and Cindy in the human service field. Throughout their working careers, the couple regularly gave their time, their talents and their treasure. While working, they were able to give monthly financial gifts and also take advantage of Arizona Tax Credits for their charitable giving.

Now that they are retired, they had to be both creative and focused on how to financially support their favorite causes. While continuing to support their church, they primarily focus on Seeds of Hope for their charitable contributions.

“We believe in giving locally to organizations who can really use the money,” Steve said. “We know that Seeds of Hope has a low administrative percentage, and that every dollar we give is used to help those in need.”

Like others are doing, the Schaiders assign a portion of their Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from their 401K to Seeds of Hope. Each year, the bank sends the RMD directly to the charitable agency. Because the money is not actually distributed to the Schaiders as the 401K account holder, it is not counted as income and it is not taxed. Accordingly, the account-holder cannot claim a charitable deduction on his or her annual tax return.

“This is a painless and easy way to give,” Steve said, “because the money never gets into our bank account.”

Steve and Cindy have also provided for Seeds of Hope in the future.

“We don’t have any children together, and this is our way of leaving a legacy in our community,” Cindy said.

To accomplish their goal, they worked with local attorney Michele Emig to have Seeds of Hope listed as a beneficiary in their trust — caring to the very end, and beyond.