There’s a lot more happening than just falling out of planes!

In Eloy, Arizona you may be aware that people are falling out of planes every day. Well, a lot more than that is happening in Eloy’s skydiving industry! Competitive teams, social events, world records and new and old businesses alike surround the jumpers that flock to our sunny state for skydiving training.

Sara and Steve Curtis, of Arizona Arsenal, provide skydiving training to serious jumpers, both military and civilian, who come to Eloy and want to take their freefall skills to the next level. Arizona Arsenal was first known as the pioneering Vertical Formation Skydiving (VFS) team. VFS was developed in 2005 and is one of the most difficult competitive freefall disciplines. In VFS, jumpers must create formations falling at high speed fall rates in a head down or feet down orientation, rather than the traditional belly orientation. Over its years of competition, Arsenal won 12 National USPA medals, four World FAI medals and medals from many tunnel competitions all over the world. Even though they no longer train seriously, a group of Arsenal members recently got together in Virginia for a wind tunnel competition and took home a spot on the podium.

Now, the Arizona Arsenal is more known as a training school with many of the local skydiving greats joining them for a variety of projects and jobs to train military and civilians alike. They also do stunts for TV and movie projects that often require performing freefall maneuvers in costumes or falling with special objects. They have flown with pianos, tv sets, couches, trees, footballs, cars and dressed up as sports pros, animals and LA club-goers.

In related Eloy business news, Sara Curtis joined with Amy Chmelecki of the Red Bull Airforce to create the Eloy-based company “Broken Records.” Broken Records is another skydiving company that trains groups of advanced skydivers in preparation for world records and similar advanced freefall projects. Sara and Amy, with the help of many other top skydiving organizers from around the world, have jointly organized nine world records involving hundreds of jumpers and representation from approximately 30 countries.

Related to skydiving in Eloy, there are many long-time businesses that non-jumpers can take advantage of, even though they were started to support the skydiving industry. The Road Runner B&B, right near the Eloy Airport at the corner of Shedd and Tumbleweed roads, recently opened by Steve’s father Dan Curtis, is a great, new relaxing place to stay for jumpers wanting to be near Skydive Arizona or even just check out Pinal County. You might even get lucky and stay during one of Dan’s famous jam sessions, where local musicians get together and play modern, classic rock and country tunes.

On the dropzone itself, you can enjoy lunch at the Bent Prop, have your kids fly in the wind tunnel and shop for fun T-shirts and accessories at Square2. If healthy living is your thing, you can get a massage or take a private pilates class from Katharine Powell, LMT at the Toltec Wellness Center. Craig Amrine, LAc, from Hidden Rhythm Acupuncture in Tempe can also be found on some weekends at the TWC doing cold laser therapy, traditional Chinese acupuncture and dry needling. He has been a jumper for over 20 years.

So,check out what the skydiving community and its local businesses have to offer next time you are in Eloy, Arizona!

Photo by Norman Kent