Smart Plants and Crops Protect Our Water Supply

by Micah Powell, Mayor, City of Eloy

With 2021 behind us, we must not forget all it offered. We all have stories to share whether happy or sad, but 2022 is a new year with new opportunities. Whether it’s a new job, better health, more money, or a new love, the possibilities are endless.

The Eloy City Council is committed to making our City better than it was in 2021, attracting new jobs, housing, and other investments.

This Golden Corridor issue has a theme of Home and Garden, which has come to mean much more to Eloy’s agricultural community. Most of us have heard about the reduced irrigation supply and the effect it could have on one of our biggest industries, farming.

Fortunately, none of this is new and several Eloy companies are doing something to resolve the problem. Bridgestone, a leader in the tire and rubber industry, has been growing a very old plant known as Guayule (gwah-yoo-lee), an alternative to rubber trees that is well suited to our arid environment. Tires are currently being made from this drought-tolerant crop. Check out what Bridgestone is doing in Eloy:

Another way water is being used more efficiently is through creative and scientific watering systems. Flood irrigation, a mainstay of farming for years, is being replaced by drip systems so sophisticated they use sensors to detect when plants need water and how much they need as well as nutrients, providing exactly what the plant needs to thrive.

Now is the prime time to do some actual gardening whether it’s replacing existing vegetation or planting new.

For over 40 years, the Arizona Groundwater Management Act has worked to help us evolve the way we responsibly use and protect water resources. Conservation measures have been developed that promote drought-tolerant trees, shrubs, and groundcovers (called xeriscaping) that use much less water but still offer all of the benefits (i.e. shade, beauty, wildlife habitat, etc.) of conventional landscaping. View this list of appropriate vegetation:

This list identifies all of the plant characteristics (i.e. size, height, width, flower color, bloom season, etc.) selected for our climate. Installing and maintaining a beautiful desert-adapted landscape not only reduces water consumption but also adds beauty and value to any home or business.

The sky’s the limit for the City of Eloy. Let’s make 2022 the best year ever for you and your family.