Casa Grande is one of the friendliest cities in Arizona for business owners! Most cities require many forms of paperwork to sign and require nearly a month-long waiting period to start doing business. In Casa Grande, that process takes half the time! The city only requires two quick documents to start your business: a standard form of ID to show proof of citizenship and proof of payment of a small business transaction tax, followed by a quick two-week review process to earn a business license. Once these processes are complete, you can get started in no time! Below is a quick step-by-step guide for how to get your business started.

Step 1:

Fill out and complete the Business Transaction License
This step is simple. Business owners will just need to list some basic information on the Business License Application form and follow the instructions to complete the document. You will need to list information about your business, such as the mailing address, ownership of the business, emergency contacts, your business type and your business location status. After filling out this information, you will just need sign and date the document.

Step 2: 

Bring a form of ID and complete the Casa Grande Licensing Eligibility Requirement form
This step is quick! Just bring in one standard form of ID: a driver’s license, passport, birth certificate or another form of identification, then date and sign the document.

Step 3:

Pay Transaction License Fee
Once your documents have been signed and completed, you’ll need to pay the transaction fee. The annual rate is $70, but if you start your business any month after January your fee will be prorated! If you’re looking for a temporary license, Casa Grande also offers these licenses starting at $10 per day. If you’re a peddler, solicitor or a transient merchant, a different license fee will be required. These start at $40 per day.

(For most businesses, there will be a two-week review process, required upon completion of all paperwork)

Once you have completed these steps and have gone through the review process, you are ready to begin doing business in the City of Casa Grande!

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