Superior Business Leaders Pave Our Way

by Mila Besich, Mayor, Town of Superior

On Sept. 7, 2021, Superior will mark its 45th anniversary of incorporation. To celebrate this milestone, we will kick off a month-long celebration that includes recognizing our business community but specifically recognizing those businesses who were operating in 1976 and remain in business 45 years later!

Our local grocery store Save Money Market is a family-owned business that has been serving Superior for over 100 years. The Carnes family has operated the Superior Sun for decades, reporting both the good and bad news of our community, region, and state. Pamela Peck, who has been tending to Superiorites’ coifs, Los Hermanos Restaurant, which has been serving delicious Mexican fare to locals and visitors alike, and the Boyce Thompson Arboretum, which has drawn people from around the world all have been mainstays of Superior, each contributing to the quality of life and economic sustainability of our community.

As I prepare this article, we are still researching the business leaders of the past – those who were here even before we became an “official” town, so this very well could be a truncated list. These families have stood the test of time, maintaining their operations through economic booms and busts to provide valuable goods and services to our community. They have transitioned and pivoted, more times than most, and have kept the faith and stayed true to the people of Superior.

Many new businesses have moved into our community, helping to grow service and product offerings, all of which contribute to the character of our community and economic growth as well. New restaurants, personal and professional services, and retail are joining the ranks of business leaders. Through our Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, we are working with our existing and aspiring business owners and look forward to helping prepare and mentor even more business leaders for the future.

Whether new or long-established businesses, these leaders are responsible and involved in our community. Providing goods and services, maintaining their properties, promoting their businesses are essential to the lifeblood of any community, including Superior. Without small business owners, who take risks each and every day, our small town would lack the charm and vibrancy that characterizes us today.

Let’s recognize all business owners — from home bakers to innovators, from real estate agents to hairdressers, and everyone in-between. Small businesses keep our community thriving.

We salute leaders of all businesses in Superior!