Supervisor Smith Announces He Will Not Run for Re-Election in 2020

According to a press release from Pinal County, Supervisor Anthony Smith (District 4) has announced he will not run for re-election.

“In 2008 when I was elected into my first public office, I had no idea I would have the pleasure of serving the people for 12 years. As I examine where I am in my life and what opportunities I might have waiting behind the next door, I know it is time for me to head in a different direction. That said, I announce today that l will not run for re-election as county supervisor.”

Smith looked at the progress Pinal County has made in the last few years.

In 2013 the county:

  • was still feeling the impact of the Great Recession.
  • had an unemployment rate of 13%.
  • lost jobs in the hosing, agriculture and retail businesses.
  • saw families disrupted.
  • had essentially no economic growth.

Today, Pinal County:

  • has an unemployment rate of 4%.
  • was the first Arizona county to regain all jobs lost to the recession.
  • has a wide variety of new job opportunities.
  • has a diversified economy.
  • offers thousands of new high-tech jobs in industries such as green energy, automotive, aerospace, tourism and others.

Smith said when he came into office he wanted to inject change. “I wanted to be transformational in my actions, framing a future worth striving for. Coupled with our county leadership team and everyday workers, we definitely are a winning team.”

When asked what his greatest accomplishment was as a supervisor, Smith pointed to the County’s Strategic Plan. “I believe much of the success we’re having today is a result of driving to a roadmap that’s focused on growing jobs, improving of transportation network, increasing our quality of life and achieving financial stability.”

Smith offered thanks for the support he has received during his tenure on the supervisor’s board, “I especially want to thank Nancy, my loving wife, and my family for their sacrifice and sharing time to allow me to be a public servant. In addition, many thanks to Marlene Pearce, our District Administrator, for her professionalism and loyal service, too.”