Take a Superior “Micro-Cation” to Boost Your Wellness

by Mila Besich, Mayor, Town of Superior

The day-to-day pressures of life often make it very difficult to find the right balance of health and wellness for everyone. Wellness is about more than our physical health or how much we exercise and what we eat. It is more about thriving through the life we live, cherishing each moment and making memories along the way.

People often ask me how and when I find time for myself, whether as an elected official, business owner, mother or friend. All of these roles often keep me moving at an epic pace. I have learned that wellness for me is found through purpose-driven, fulfilling work, being intentional in finding meaningful time with family and friends and of course good sleep.  

My friends and family often joke about my “micro-cations.” With life being so busy, taking a traditional multiday vacation seems almost impossible. Instead, a micro-cation can bring an essential break from the pace of everyday life, and can be anything you want it to be.   

For me, a micro-cation is a designated time for some rest, relaxation and memory-making with my favorite people. Sometimes it is a day trip to a new place, or it may entail a hike or just time to sit and enjoy the quiet while sitting on the porch enjoying the fresh air of Superior. These micro-cations have become a must-have on my schedule, and I have found these getaways bring a sense of well-being and balance to my life.

Superior is an ideal place to enjoy a micro-cation. Try a day trip to our Boyce Thompson Arboretum, where a stroll through the gardens can envelop you in the beauty of nature and give you a glimpse of deserts from faraway lands like Australia, Madagascar, India and so many other places. It’s an international micro-cation without having to pack or use your passport.  

Or perhaps your micro-cation is a hike on the Legends of Superior Trails or the Arizona Trail. It could be a quad ride in the Tonto National Forest or just enjoying a scenic drive through the beautiful Copper Corridor. Your micro-cation could be a spa day and shopping in our downtown or enjoying a delicious meal at one of our local restaurants.  

Superior offers abundant opportunities for your own micro-cation, and I encourage you to visit our community for your own micro-cation or longer stay. Superior is the place in Arizona where you can experience and attain fulfilling wellness experiences. We warmly welcome you to Superior any time of the year!

Photo by Mila Besich, Mayor, Town of Superior