What teacher most influenced your life, and why?

CG Chat says:

Darlene Moberly “That’s tough! I can’t remember that far back. LOL”

Angela TapiaMr. Piña (CGUHS) and Mr. Arnold (CGUHS), both sadly passed away. They were outstanding teachers and friends to the students.”

Ruben Subia “I’ve had a few, but I’m going to go with the teacher that sparked the beginning of my transformation. I was a knucklehead in my early years, always trying to get a laugh and be the class clown. My 7th grade math teacher, Mrs. Winchester, back when CGMS was Casa Grande Junior High School, was the spark. During a parent-teacher conference, I expected her to speak about my behavior, (but) instead she told my parent that I was very intelligent and had unlimited potential. Academics were not my issue, and the day would come when I would turn it all around and really show everyone what I was capable of. I had good teachers before, but she was the first to comment on the positive, instead of the negative. It was like a light switch was flicked, and from that day forward, I wanted to do better, and I stopped being a knucklehead. I owe her a debt of gratitude, and I hope she knows her efforts and kind words didn’t go to waste.”

Randy RubleMr. Guizar, of La Puente, California. He is my 6th grade teacher, who I still speak to. He was my teacher over 30 years ago.”

Amber Horton “Gosh, I don’t know! There were so many in my life who influenced me dearly. I just can’t choose one. LOL They all have shown and taught me that I could do so much good in life and become a better person growing up. I just cannot choose one teacher, because to me, they were all amazing.”

Patsy TapiaMrs. Hernandez, of Palo Verde, she was my Kindergarten teacher.”

Julie Gould “For my granddaughter, it was Mrs. Kortsen, from McCartney Ranch, she was an angel. She never gave up on her.”

Darlene Moberly “My youngest daughter had Mrs. Kortsen for her Kindergarten teacher. She was, by far, the best teacher any of my children ever had. Such a wonderful lady!”

Kim VasquezMr. Mitchell, because he stood up for me in a situation my senior year.”

Karmel HoneyMrs. Purden, of Saguaro Elementary, always had patience and was very understanding. She always made sure, as a class, we understood the curriculum. She even remembered who I was even as an adult, which was special (because) she was my Kindergarten teacher. She also still works at Saguaro Elementary.”

Nichole Ramos RuelasMr. Tad Roberts, because he pushed us to be the best, even when we were struggling and feeling like giving up. He inspired me to keep pushing through. He was such an awesome teacher, (and) really made an impact in my life. I’d also like to mention Yvonne Johnson at CGUHS. I had her during second hour, and she was amazing. She always took her time with her students,”

Deb BeeNancy Buck Harrison, Beth Turner and Mary Marrinan-Menchaca have been with me through thick and thin. I wasn’t the easiest student to get along with! To this day, we are still close.”