Transforming gemstones into artistic pens

by Corianna Lee

It has been said that “the pen is mightier than the sword,” and when it comes to Terra Treasure, that certainly is the case. Gemstones, fossils, wood and other materials aren’t the typical materials we typically associate with writing utensils, but local artisan Michael Day has developed a unique process and tools to develop these high quality artisan pens. But where did this concept begin?

Day has always been involved with crafts, and was taught woodworking by his late grandfather. He began his work with gemstones on other crafts and projects. Eventually, pens became a concept as a hobby that was meant to create gifts for friends and family. At some point, the concept evolved into a business concept that developed into Terra Treasure. Over the last three years and one cross-country move from back East, Day and his wife, Tarras, have turned gemstone crafts into a marketable product. What was believed to be impractical has now developed into a beautiful artisan product of high quality. The time spent over the last three years developing the product and the process have been arduous and challenging, but with breathtaking results.

Who would have thought that an everyday item such as a pen could be a beautiful work of art? Artisan pens from Terra Treasure can be viewed and ordered by visiting terratreasure.com. Terra treasure can also be found on Facebook. Tarras and Michael Day work with each customer, giving their unique artisan business a personal touch and are excited to establish their business in their new home of Casa Grande.