The Birth of Grace is the four-part story of KVNG—91.1FM, “The Voice of Never-ending Grace”, Eloy and the whole Casa Grande Valley’s hometown radio station

by H. David Landry and Eric Kruzel

In both life and ministry, walking by faith can be very hectic at times. You desire to trust God, even when it seems the odds are stacked against you, yet your human reasoning and the circumstances that surround you, at times, overwhelm the amount of faith you have.

Calvary Chapel of Casa Grande is not a big church. There are no deep pockets and no vast reserves. The potential expenses of building a full-powered FM radio station seemed to rise before them as an enormous mountain on the horizon. Mountains of obstruction can drain your faith. That’s when the idea from Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 becomes very clear: “It’s better to have the insight and assistance of two over just one. If the one falls, the other would be there to help.”

There were so many obstacles looming on the horizon, they began to lose hope that the station would come to fruition and get on air within the time set by the FCC’s requirements. Even as they continued to pray, it was time to seek some outside, professional help and a new set of eyes (and perhaps faith) to consider their next steps. Enter, Rob Branch.

With less than 12 months remaining, KVNG’s Engineer Eric Kruzel contacted Rob Branch out of Lynchburg, Virginia. Rob is a Broadcast Media Engineer who has assisted numerous Christian radio stations across the country, through a variety of difficulties, to get on-air for the Kingdom of God. The right location for the tower needed to be found and time was at a premium.

So, in January 2013 – through the grace of God (and a miracle or two) – within a day or so of his arrival, Rob had found and validated a location according to the FCC’s requirements. It turns out the mountain rising on the horizon was Newman Peak, with available towers located on its highest point. And as the Lord would have it, there was space on the existing towers to rent.

Negotiations began for leasing the transmitter site and performing any necessary site modifications required, because of the new equipment. The engineers needed to design and order the equipment for the transmitter site on top of the mountain, as well as build the studio for the origination of the broadcasts.

With the tower location only accessible by helicopter – it was expensive and not immediately available – Marv Davis of MHD Surveying and an assistant were flown to the top of the mountain to acquire the new tower location coordinates, which were then sent to the antennae manufacturer for design modifications and manufacturing. The remote location of the tower would require the on-sight equipment to be “bullet proof,” able to handle the harsh location and requiring minimal maintenance and upkeep.

We will continue the fourth and final installment of The Birth of Grace in the next issue of the Golden Corridor LIVING magazine. You can listen to KVNG – Grace 91.1FM 24-hours a day throughout the Casa Grande valley. You can also listen via live-streaming on the internet at For further information, to make a donation or sponsor a portion of our programming, email us at or call (520) 426-7911.