The Birth of Grace is the four-part story of KVNG—91.1FM, “The Voice of Never-ending Grace”, Eloy and the whole Casa Grande Valley’s hometown radio station

by H. David Landry and Eric Kruzel

The birthing of a baby can be a very expensive and stressful venture, particularly if there are difficulties in the birth. The birthing of KVNG proved itself to be difficult on several levels. It became clear early on that this radio station would stretch Calvary Chapel of Casa Grande beyond what it had ever thought possible, and that if the station needed to be profitable to operate, the process should be aborted now. As engineers designed the equipment, the negotiations continued for the lease of tower space on Newman Peak. Calvary needed a miracle, and in God’s great plan, He provided many.

The FCC allows four years in which to build a radio station once the Construction Permit (CP) is issued. Now in its fourth year, the station had to be constructed and broadcasting by Dec. 1, 2013 or it would forfeit the license and all the money already invested.

Time was of the essence, and between January and September Calvary would concentrate on three areas: legal, technical and financial.

Legally, they re-applied for a modification of the Construction Permit, a change in City of License, and re-applied for a Mexican waiver.

Technically, they had to negotiate and lease the transmitter site, performing any site modifications required, because of the addition of their equipment, as well as design and build a studio and broadcast site.

Financially, they had to figure out how they were going to pay for all of this.  Most of the upfront costs had been for legal and filing type of fees. Now they needed to actually build the station.

As the birthing of KVNG/Grace 91.1 grew closer, additional obstacles arose. The wrong microwave dishes were delivered; a tower crew and helicopter were needed for installation; the antenna cable came from the manufacturer with the wrong connector installed; there was an estimated $120,000 cost for tower repair and updates and lastly, the lease costs on the tower would be finalized only shortly before going on air.

Yet, along the way, they saw the hand of God many times, encouraging them that what they were endeavoring to do was His desire and plan. They were loaned a transmitter, a huge cost savings; extra coax connectors had been purchased earlier; the owners of the tower had a project manager who took over the site build and arranged for a tower crew and helicopter for the three-day installation; the microwave vendor expedited a shipment of replacement dishes in time to put them in service, and even the tower repair cost was reduced to only $20,000 due to another company removing some of its equipment from the tower.

Through a tremendous amount of prayer, innumerable miracles and hard work, KVNG/Grace 91.1 went on the air in test mode on Nov. 12. Since they were only allowed to go on air for a short time to test their equipment and signal strength, the excitement of all involved was overwhelming. Tears of joy were shed that day, along with many prayers of thanksgiving. KVNG was ready to go on air!

Then, on December 3, 2013, after receiving an email stating the FCC had given them approval, at 6:50 p.m. Pastor David gathered with several others as he threw the switch and KVNG officially went on air!

Operating as a mission outreach of the Calvary Chapel of Casa Grande, KVNG exists because of multiple miracles of God, declaring the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through 24/7 broadcasts, locally on 91.1FM and globally through Live Streaming at

This is the fourth and final installment of The Birth of Grace. You can listen to KVNG – Grace 91.1FM 24 hours a day throughout the Casa Grande Valley or via live-streaming on any computer or smart phone at For further information about the station, to make a donation or sponsor a portion of our programming, you can email us at or call us at 520-426-7911.