“Then” by Bea Lueck

Home&GardenLogoOn Thornton Road, near Interstate 8 sit the buildings known collectively as The Domes. Built in 1982 as the headquarters of InnerConn Technology Inc, a circuit board manufacturing facility, each of the four dome-like structures cost about $150,000. The shells were constructed using a balloon, supported by a steel skeleton with three inches of polyurethane foam followed by three inches of concrete. One of the domes was used for a brief period of time as an office before Union Bank of California foreclosed on the property in 1983.

The property deteriorated over the years due to weather and vandals. Listed as haunted on several websites including, the privately-owned site remains popular with a variety of trespassers. In mid-2016, the Travel Channel show, Ghost Adventures, filmed an episode at The Domes using local actors. Shortly before going to press with this edition, it was reported that the ceiling structure of one of the domes had collapsed.

“Now” by Sarah Diveley

The Domes have been a big part of Pinal County urban history. As a Casa Grande native, I can remember many parties in the 90s, as well as listening to horrifying stories of sacrifices and rituals. These stories always intrigued me, so I began to take photos of The Domes and the art that is displayed inside and out.

If the walls could talk, they would have many stories to tell – stories of stoner kids trying to climb to the top of The Domes and not always making it, with some falling off and limping away with broken limbs. Or, the bonfires and the tales of Hell hounds and demons that lurk inside. The stories, the truths and the myths abound.

The Domes have been standing for decades and slowly falling apart. It’s only a matter of time before they all collapse. The memories in the art will fade away, but the stories and images will remain for the people who have grown up around Casa Grande.

If only The Domes could speak…