Theta Center Offers Multiple Approaches to Health and Wellness

by Marie Gagne’, BCDHH, CNC, LE, Director, Theta Wellness Centers of Arizona   

At Theta Wellness Centers of Arizona our clients learn how to achieve renewed health and vitality through weekly visits at our premier health retreat. Our holistic beauty and wellness center is fully staffed with an outstanding group of well-qualified, caring professionals who are ready to listen and recommend natural solutions for your health concerns. 

Allow us to help plan your wellness goals and guide you on the path to health and vitality. Using a variety of customized programs, nutrition and 21st century wellness machines, we are helping many become free from bad behaviors and stubborn addictions and move forward with their lives while experiencing health and vitality.

Theta Wellness Centers of Arizona is creating individual wellness solutions and transforming lives using noninvasive therapies, cutting-edge machines, full body scans, biological age reversal programs, nutritional guidance and natural products. 


Treatment sessions are offered in our relaxing spa environment. Clients routinely alternate from the Theta Chamber, which helps to eliminate anxiety, stress, PTSD, depression and various forms of addictions to acoustic light treatments using color therapy and frequencies together for pain control and inflammation reduction. Our low-pressure hyperbaric chamber, alias “the cube,” decreases injury healing time, bacteria, infection, diabetic ulcers and neuritis, as well as helping to speed up the healing time of bone issues. 

Most sessions are concluded on our PEMF Pure Wave Bed, which produces pulsed electromagnetic fields that move around an individual’s body. This field then delivers healing energy to the body by producing negative ions and far infrared waves as you drift off in comfort recharging your cells. The inner light LED and frequencies bed helps the body regulate high blood pressure, reduce wrinkles, clear acne, calm rosacea and repair tissue and nerve damage in most clients. 

Individual Wellness 

Any real and lasting change must take place within the individual. Theta Wellness Centers of Arizona will give you the necessary tools to achieve lasting wellness. It has been said if you want something different you must try something different. Individual protocols are carefully constructed, preparing the perfect plan to include frequency detection and correction, non-invasive machines, whole foods and gluten-free supplements with unique cleansing programs. 

Holistic Aesthetics (Skin Care)

The holistic aesthetics studio located within the center offers the Micro-Zen Facelift, which I created. The studio offers advanced skin and body education with certification to licensed aestheticians wishing to branch out in learning the effects of frequency optimization when applied to treatments. Learn the art of holistic beauty through wellness as I teach classes in the art of holistic beauty using the MG’ Triad System. 


Theta Wellness Centers of Arizona is being referred to as a true oasis in the desert. Visit our center soon and discover why we are the best kept secret in Arizona. Experience a new zest for life and live large. For more information visit