Top 10 Reasons People Love Living In Casa Grande Year-Round

by Renée Louzon-Benn, President, Greater Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce

Welcome to a shiny, new decade – in which so much is possible. We know why many visitors choose Casa Grande in the winter months as their “home base” – great, unique events, friendly residents, a cozy, hometown appeal and fabulous weather. Need I say more?

Probably not, but I will because in this home, health and garden issue I want to give a shout-out to my fellow year-round Casa Grande residents.

Why do we live here? Let’s make a Top 10 list to answer that question:

10. Manageable traffic — no rat-race desperation or road-rage incidents here. This may be due to the fact that you can get almost anywhere in Casa Grande within 15 minutes. Although it’s tough to use the “I got stuck in traffic” excuse when you’re late to work, a more relaxed pace makes up for it.

9. More relaxed pace. More relaxed than what? Almost anywhere we’ve lived other than Casa Grande.

8. It’s green. When one imagines Casa Grande, the image is not of a city with many trees and landscaping. In fact, Casa Grande has been named a Tree City USA Community for 11 years now. Just visit some of our public parks, and you’ll see what we mean.

7. As active as you want to be. We mentioned City parks – there are many parks here and something for everyone available – pickleball, tennis, playground equipment, ponds, hiking trails and more, including a skateboard feature, splash pad and a dog park. Even if you just want to relax and read a book someplace quiet, you can find just the right park.

6. Great events – such as the annual Electric Light Parade, Historic Downtown Street Fair, Cowboy Days & O’odham Tash, Bluegrass Festival, Cactus Fly-In, too many more to name.

5. We care. There are nonprofit organizations and community volunteers as well as area businesses working together to provide programs and help to those in need in Casa Grande. When people contact the Chamber of Commerce to inquire about services and assistance, we are lucky enough to be able to direct them to one or more sources that may be able to help.

4. We can wear flip-flops and shorts about 10 months a year, maybe more.

3. Big wide views and blue sky for miles.

2. We like the rain. I mean, we really like the rain! On those rare occasions when the sky is gray and cloudy rather than blue for miles, we are so happy. The rain washes away the dust and drops the temperature a little, and we just feel like opening all the doors and windows and eating soup.

1. Casa Grande is where the heart is. That’s right … it’s home.

What is your favorite reason for making Casa Grande your community of choice? Let me know,