Veterans Upward Bound Now Available In Pinal County

by Julia R. Gusse, Director, TRIO Veterans Upward Bound

TRIO Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) at Arizona State University (ASU) provides veterans with FREE academic services and classes. VUB is a federally funded, Department of Education TRIO program that has been located on the ASU campus for over 45-years. It is a college preparatory program that assists veterans with their transition into higher education. The program offers a unique experience that prepares veterans to enroll in and begin any college or technical training program of their choice. The summer programming will offer math courses for those interested in enrolling this fall at Central Arizona College. VUB provides academic support to assure our student’s success on the academic path of their choice.

“College wasn’t an option when I enlisted. I spent most of my time in a turret behind an MK-19 while deployed to Afghanistan. Coming home was actually the most difficult part of my military experience. I got so accustomed to combat that it seemed easier to be deployed. VUB (Veterans Upward Bound) is a program that too few veterans know about. When I first enrolled with VUB, my math scores were at the 8th grade level. Within a few weeks in VUB, I eliminated a full year of remedial math that I would have had to take at ASU or a community college.”

— Tyler Obermeit

Mr. Tyler Obermeit is an Army Veteran and current Arizona State University student. You can find his story at

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