From the beginning, Seeds of Hope placed a high value on volunteers. We recognized that there were many in our community who desired to make a difference and, given the right opportunity, would embrace the opportunity to improve the lives of others. Today, we can say with confidence that volunteers are our most valuable asset!

Hours donated for 2017:

  • 6,168 for the year
  • 514 each month
  • 119 each week

Total monetary value for 2017: $145,318

Total active volunteers for 2017: 105

In 2017, Seeds of Hope had over 200 people volunteer their time for both ongoing and special projects. Of those, 105 volunteer on a regular/weekly basis.


By the Numbers*

  • 10,000 = Approximate number of hot meals served each year
  • 385 = Individuals served at the hot lunch each year
  • 200 = Number of volunteers from our community
  • 85 = Children enrolled in our after-school program
  • 75 = Patients seen each month through our two free clinics (Stanfield and Casa Grande)
  • 35 = Seniors involved in our Los Angeles de Esperanza senior center
  • 12 = Graduates of the Jobs for Life program
  • 10 = Teens currently in our peer leadership program
  • 4 = Number of staff members, full or part-time
  • Countless = Lives touched and changed through Seeds of Hope

* All numbers are approximate, averaging the past 3 years