Vote Upcoming for Casa Grande General Plan 2030

by Craig McFarland, Mayor, City of Casa Grande, Co-Chair General Plan Committee

On May 18, you will be asked to vote on Proposition 456, the Casa Grande General Plan 2030.

The plan represents 18 months of work. Multiple public meetings were held to create a land-use plan for our community for the next decade and beyond. The new plan incorporates elements of water resource, conservation, and recycling.

It expands our industrial land-use areas and seeks to revitalize our downtown by allowing for greater mixed land use including new higher density residential developments. It identifies business corridors along Pinal, Florence, Cottonwood, Trekell, I-10, and I-8, which also allows for greater mixed-land use.

With the look to the future, the plan identifies needs for electric vehicle charging stations, advocates for enhancement of our trail system, and outlines beautification of our City entrances.

The guiding principles used in this plan were based on public input. They included:

  • Preserving our rural and agricultural heritage while allowing urbanization to occur in appropriate locations.
  • Strengthening CG’s position as the industrial and commercial center of Pinal County.
  • Increasing housing diversity and support of in-fill development.
  • Creating a sense of arrival at all major City entrances.
  • Linking all land use decisions to available water resources that ensure long-term viability and environmental sustainability for growth and development.
  • Fostering a land use pattern that is multimodal in nature that contributes to an active transportation system that includes walking, bicycling, vehicles, mass transit and electric autonomous vehicles

Casa Grande is a city rich in history and resources and offers an economic environment developed and created through well-planned developments. These are supported by a safe and self-sustaining mix of neighborhoods diverse in people, housing, education, and employment centers. It is all supported by a network of transportation choices and open spaces.
This will be a mail-in ballot only and will arrive in your mail in May. I ask that you to please “vote yes” for your 2030 General Plan, Proposition 456.
If you have questions, visit the City’s website