Welcome! Let me take a moment to introduce you to Casa Grande and our “Growing Horizon!”

As Mayor, I get many opportunities to speak with individuals and groups about Casa Grande.  Our “Growing Horizon” and the potential of attracting thousands of new jobs have given me some sleepless nights.  How do we prepare? How can we find ways to promote and market our community?

That one line led me to ask myself the questions: “Why would someone want to live, work and play in Casa Grande?  Why should a company decide to move or build its business here?  How can we promote growth in a responsible way?”

Next, my marketing and sales background began to kick in.  Casa Grande needs to manage its image and brand as well as market itself.  We need marketing materials to highlight our attributes such as our industry, businesses, available platted lots, industrial business centers, downtown Main Street, community center, education choices, community health, workforce development, trail system, climate, location and close proximity to things to do.

This publication we are calling Casa Grande – A Growing Horizon will help answer the questions I posed above.  It’s a campaign to promote what is good about Casa Grande, and will feature in 40 pages:

  • Education, education options, local education accomplishments
  • Industry
  • Chamber of Commerce and businesses
  • Downtown and our “Main Street”
  • Pinal County and things to do
  • CG Mountain Trail System
  • Proximity
  • Infrastructure-ready home sites
  • Public transportation
  • Community health

This document will help prospective Industry, business, home builders, visitors and residents understand what Casa Grande has to offer.  It’s a beginning.

From here, we can build our plan and continue to promote our community.  Growth is inevitable.  What it looks like and how we manage it is up to us.  I believe that we all want a community that has the best things for our people, has things to do, managed growth and, ultimately, is a great place to live, work and play!

Craig H. McFarland
City of Casa Grande Mayor

Casa Grande: A Growing Horizon Special Section


Be sure to check out the entire “Casa Grande: A Growing Horizon” special section in the Fall 2017 edition of Golden Corridor LIVING Magazine!

Why Casa Grande?

Casa Grande Proximity Map (click to enlarge)

The City of Casa Grande is the southern-most city in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and is conveniently located midway between Phoenix and Tucson, approximately one hour from each city. The I-8, I-10 and Union Pacific Railroad run through the city of Casa Grande, and the I-8/I-10 interchange is located just south of the downtown corridor providing convenient access to three major freight routes. In addition to the trading and transit advantages the city has, Casa Grande boasts wonderful schools,  incredible quality of life options, and will have 30,000 new jobs over the next 5-10 years. New home construction is reaching its highest levels in the history of the city, and new industry additions Lucid Motors and Dreamport Villages will be arriving soon. With so much growth, opportunity, places to explore and enjoy, there has never been a better time to move to Casa Grande!

Casa Grande Points of Interest

Casa Grande Points of Interest Map (click to enlarge)