What’s Developing in Eloy

A Global View of What’s Going On

by Mark Benner, CEO, Eloy Chamber of Commerce

Much is happening in our city with many new projects taking the spotlight. Our new City Hall, for example, is right on schedule and should be open near the end of March. In the near future, Eloy will initiate the design and construction of a brand new Police Department to be completed in 2020.

A new renovation of Eloy’s downtown Main Street arcade is being analyzed and will be put into action this spring. Four years ago, we had 13 vacant buildings on Main Street; today we have six. This includes the recent purchase of the old Sonic Drive-In, which will open as a new eatery.

La Paloma Family Restaurant on Frontier Street is up and running under new ownership and operates daily, opening at 7 a.m. for breakfast. The Fish Fry is back on Fridays, and Menudo (a traditional Mexican soup) will be served on the weekends. The Tumbleweed Inn has also reopened, and “Bunky” the Troubadour is back on Friday nights. Breakfast is served on weekends.

Last month, I spoke with SkyDive Arizona’s Marketing and Events Coordinator George Hargis. Skydive recently completed a Head Up Formation Camp. This was to prepare for the upcoming world-record tryouts that will take place in April 2019. The Formation Camp required two airplanes because 46 people all jumped simultaneously. Due to the size of the group, observers on the ground could see and hear sky divers falling from the sky. Overall, the Formation Camp was very successful. This experience will better prepare the participants for the tryouts. The record itself will be attempted in July in Chicago.

Another event that occurred last December was “The Battle of the Sexes” where a team of female sky divers and a team of male sky divers participated in this friendly but fierce competition. The teams made several jumps with different criteria being judged each time. In the end, the men prevailed with a small lead of three points. The girls can’t wait to “get them back” next year!

On a Global Level

Recently, I had the opportunity to have breakfast with Elliott Pollack, along with 159 of my friends and business associates, sponsored by Pinal Partnership. Mr. Pollack is perhaps the most well-respected economist in Arizona. Here are my take aways from his presentation. Things continue to look good for the current year for Arizona in particular. Housing should continue to be fine through 2019, after that “who knows?”

I asked him about investing in the stock market (the Dow Jones Industrials closed at 24,947 that day), and Pollack says we are in the eighth inning of our current economic expansion and it could go into “extra innings.” The economy continues to be good for being in its 112th month of continued growth. “I believe in American companies,” he said. I remembered one of his comments earlier this year: “There is no other reserve currency in the world besides the dollar, so America is pretty much the prettiest building on an ugly block.”

At a recent Pinal County Economic meeting, I heard the phrase “IoT” casually mentioned. I, for one, did not know what this meant. I found out that IoT refers to The Internet of Things, which is the network of devices, vehicles and home appliances that contain electronics, software, actuators and connectivity, which allows these things to connect, interact and exchange data. I am sure IoT will be a household word in the near future. For a quick overview on everything IoT, go to https://cdn.ymaws.com/www.lai-phx.org/resource/resmgr/docs/2018_09_12_iot.pdf.

I wish you all the best in 2019!