WIB: Elaine Earle

Publisher & Chief Executive Officer, ROX Media Group

Elaine Earle is an accomplished publisher and management professional with 21 years of experience working in public accounting, IT consulting, management, public relations and publishing on behalf of major corporations and also as a principal of her own enterprises.

Elaine graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting in 1997 and passed the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) examination immediately thereafter. Her 21 years’ work as a CPA prepared her for her current role as Chief Financial Officer of ROX Group, a business group that she owns with her husband. It includes companies with operations in the real estate, insurance, travel and media industries. In addition, Elaine currently serves as Chief Executive Officer and Publisher of ROX Media Group (RMG).

In the Pinal County area, RMG publishes Golden Corridor LIVING Magazine, the Golden Corridor Smart Shopper, as well as custom publications for the cities of Casa Grande, Eloy and Maricopa, chamber directories for the Greater Casa Grande, Coolidge and Eloy Chambers of Commerce and coming 1Q 2020, the first official Pinal County Visitor Guide.

Personally, Elaine has a passion for traveling, and has been to over 40 foreign countries. Many more travels are planned, and now frequently include her 12-year-old twin sons. Elaine and her husband, Rock, are deeply committed to their family, and enjoy spending quality downtime together in addition to their dedication to operating and growing their various companies.

Contact Information:
Elaine Earle
130 N. Granite St., Prescott