WIB: MaryAnn Versluis

Owner, Cook E Jar

MaryAnn opened Cook E Jar in the fall of 1988 with her husband David Yandell. Many remember MaryAnn going office to office pedaling her goodies. In January 1992, Cook E Jar moved to its current location in historic downtown where they are in the old Flo’s Coffee Shop, renovated by the Industrial Development Authority.

Time passed, and David passed away in 2001. MaryAnn married her current husband George Versluis in 2003 and the restaurant continues on with George taking on much of the day-to-day maintenance and emotional support (much needed in the restaurant business). George is also the chief marketing person, always taking cookies wherever he happens to be going.

MaryAnn is a member of the Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce and is a long-standing board member for Casa Grande Main Street Organization.

Come visit the Cook E Jar in Downtown Casa Grande. 100 W 2nd St., Casa Grande.