WIB: Sobe Stanford

Owner, Sobe Stanford Photography

Sobe is the owner of Sobe Stanford Photography, a photography company dedicated to capturing the beauty in every woman. Sobe went to ASU to pursue a degree in Architecture. While in the Architecture program Sobe found her passion and fell in love with photography. She started a photography business and never looked back. “I believe that every woman should take the time to celebrate their individuality regardless of age, weight or color. We are uniquely beautiful, and we should embrace it!”

Sobe’s Luxury sessions consist of a complete makeover experience, professional hair/makeup, styling consultation and a selection of gowns to choose from. Her products speak luxury and were uniquely designed for her clients. Her goal is to help women see their beauty and reconnect with themselves again. “My mission is to help women of all ages, celebrate their individuality and know they are worthy of feeling beautiful”.

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Sobe Stanford