Women In Business 2019

Women in the Workforce

They are CEOs, CFOs, owners, managers, community leaders and so much more. Who are they? The women featured in this year’s Women in Business special section.

These ladies each have unique stories and varied backgrounds. They’ve done everything from moving from a foreign country to building a business from the ground up to working their way up the ladder to the position they hold today. All, however, have two things in common: grit and determination.

Commerce, at its core, is about helping clients find what they need to make their lives run smoothly. This year’s featured leaders in Golden Corridor LIVING’s special Women in Business section can help you find your next home, your next meal, your next drip-free faucet and so much more.

It takes smarts to learn cost-effective ways to bring goods and services to customers when their needs and circumstances are as individual as they are. These women bring these qualities to their work, their personal lives and to their communities.

These ladies work hard and contribute to the community. You might recognize some of the names and faces of these women but will find out so much more about them and why they are featured in this year’s edition of Women in Business.

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Thirty years ago the workplace in Hollywood and in real life was a very different environment. Since then, we have seen some dramatic changes. We began to see shows in which women were featured in positions of power. They were business owners, managers, company presidents, doctors, police officers and lawyers.

These shows often tackled difficult issues brought to the forefront of society. The landscape outside of Hollywood began to look very different, as well. Women were trailblazers, making their way through their education, working their way up the ladder and tackling life’s challenges.

Today those same women who forged a path for generations to come have brought about the entirely different landscape we are seeing today. Women are holding power positions in companies. They are working at presidents, CEOs, managers, school administrators and even making groundbreaking election wins. Today, women account for 51.1% of all workers in high-paying management, professional and related occupations.

Information source: U.S. Department of Labor, Women’s Bureau dol.gov/wb/factsheets/qf-laborforce-10.htm.

Top Occupations for Women

  • Registered nurses 91.1%
  • Elementary and middle school teachers 81.8%
  • Medical and health services managers 72.5%
  • Psychologists 66.7%
  • Tax examiners collectors and revenue agents 66.1%
  • Education administrators 63.0%
  • Advertising and promotions managers 61.1%
  • Accountants and auditors 60.1%
  • Public relations managers 60%
  • Insurance underwriters 59.3%
  • Medical scientists 53.7%
  • Financial managers 53.2%

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Event photography and head shots by Sobe Stanford Photography.