Your Education and Renewal Never Have to End

by Renée Louzon-Benn, President, Greater Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce

Every day provides opportunities for us to learn something new. It may be learning a new program at work or from information shared at a meeting or even through a class we are taking. That’s the great thing about knowledge and understanding — they can come from anywhere, as long as we are open and welcome the chance to learn.

In our community, we have many excellent sources of education, including Central Arizona College and classes run by the City. As adults, we may think we are done with our education but that’s a conscious decision to stop learning: feeling that we’ve done our time and now must focus on work and home, with little time left over for expanding our knowledge. But learning keeps us young.
Have you ever thought, “I really wish I had learned more about Excel or business writing or speaking another language when I was in school. It would really help me now?” Well, what’s stopping you from learning it now? Imagine the satisfaction you’d feel if you did that for yourself — just because.

You can learn and become proficient in any topic now, and can even get a degree online if you are so inclined. There are also YouTube videos for everything — from cooking and crafting to changing the oil in your car. It really is amazing — practical and fun. It is never too late to “go back to school” in any way that works for you.

Challenge yourself to learn one new fact or bit of information a day. Start reading that pile of great books you promised you’d get to “one of these days.” You’re not being graded on it, so just read a page or two, if that’s the time you have available. Visit websites of places you have always wanted to visit, learn more about them.

Learn something new every day and you will feel new, too.