Businesses Strive to Keep Resilient


by Renée Louzon-Benn, Executive Director, Greater Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber is the sum of its parts — business members. Our part in the economic development of Casa Grande is to represent the interests of business when working with our fellow economic-development partners helping to create, maintain and grow financial stability.

We continue to focus on assisting our local businesses work through the pandemic by providing frequent informational updates on health, wellness, and medical protocols, and economic assistance. Our goals are to ensure business owners and their employees stay safe and healthy and able to function at a level that keeps businesses sound.

The far-reaching effects of the pandemic have caused us to take a close look at our business health; to “take the pulse” of our workplace environments and procedures. Doing so revealed some areas we needed to redress to accommodate the safety protocols we put in place.

Gov. Doug Ducey’s 2021 policy rollout does address public health. In his address, Gov. Ducey notes that his administration has attempted to prioritize public health, protect the public health care system and protect livelihoods.

Top priority in the governor’s policy rollout is the vaccine rollout. The state will continue to fund and support the vaccine.

We must each do our part by receiving the vaccine. It will help to keep each of us healthy and ensure that employees can return in-person to the workplace.

Another focus area is broadband.

Many employees began working virtually from home during the pandemic. This brought to light the need for high-speed internet. Additionally, thousands of students have attended school virtually taking part in online learning. The governor’s office has established a state broadband office within the Arizona Commerce Authority to coordinate the many measures that will help to facilitate broadband throughout the state.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s workforce. The governor’s policy rollout includes focusing on closing the achievement gap that has occurred with those students who have fallen behind during the period of remote learning, as well as closing the gap on third-grade literacy.

To read Gov. Ducey’s 2021 Arizona Resilient plan follow this link:

Let us all work together to keep ourselves, our families, our businesses, and our students healthy and excelling. Remember, buy local and be local!