CAC Offers Free Tuition for Pinal County Residents

by Angela Askey, Executive Director Public Relations and Marketing

Central Arizona College is offering Pinal County residents free in-state tuition for the fall 2021 and spring 2022 semesters.

Although classes began for fall Aug. 23, there are select late start courses still available. Enrollment is currently taking place for spring 2022; classes begin Jan. 18.

“CAC has the opportunity this year, financially, to provide free tuition for our county residents. Due to COVID, many students faced various challenges this past year. This is an opportunity for us to re-engage Pinal County residents and jump-start a college career for others,” Jenni Cardenas, Vice President Student Services, says.

The number of credits is not limited. However, students are encouraged to meet with an academic adviser to determine the appropriate classes and course load. In person and virtual advising, appointments are available.

Contact to schedule an appointment. The college also has virtual walk-in appointments, Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Students can access a virtual walk-in advising session from the advising webpage.

All scholarships and financial aid will be credited to the student’s account first and any remaining tuition balance will be covered by the free tuition offer.