City of Eloy Tower Lighting

Photo Mayor Micah Powell

The tower lighting represents the continuation of the City of Eloy moving forward.

The Eloy tower was built in 1945 and was in service for approximately 20 years before it was replaced by a ground tank. The tank sat empty and deteriorated all these years.

Six years ago, Councilman Andrew Rodriguez suggested repairing the tank and making it a focal point of the downtown. The city council approved the funding in 2020 to clean and repaint the tower and install the lights. With over 2,100 lights, the lights can be sequenced to a variety of themes and colors.

Mayor Micah Powell said, “This is an added benefit for the city we can be proud of.”

The city has set up a social media initiative where people can look up an explanation of the tower colors on a particular night. #lightupeloy

Eloy Central Park Christmas Decorations

Photo by Elegance N Images