Make Cool Summer Home Improvements

by Blake Herzog

Our desert summer is here and hopefully you’ve been able to get your major preparations taken care of; ensuring your air conditioning, windows and pool barrier are functioning.

There are many interior and some exterior projects you can take on to keep life comfortable now and throughout the rest of the year! q

Add water features inside and out

Even setting up tabletop fountains in your living or office areas can have an amazingly soothing effect as you while away the heated days; consider something larger if you have room.

You can also reclaim the patio by adding a cooling fountain or misting system — just look for one that recirculates as much water as possible.

Set up a swim station

If the mermaids and mermen in your family are always running to the backyard pool or to a friend’s or public alternative, set up a swim station for towels, sunscreen, goggles, noodles and other supplies.

This also is where soggy shoes and dry bathing suits can reside, along with hooks where people can come back to hang their suits out to dry.

Clean refrigerator/freezer

This is a great excuse to hang out in and around the cool air this appliance contains while making sure it continues doing what it’s supposed to do. Get any expired food out, by all means, but also clean the condenser coils, which may be located at the bottom or back of the unit.

Dust, pet hair and other debris can seriously affect their performance so vacuum and dust away as much as you can after unplugging it — this should only take 15 or so minutes so your perishables will be safe.

Refresh play spaces

Most kids will be spending a lot more time at home and unless you have a pool or cooled patio they’ll mostly be inside. So make sure they’ll stay entertained with new-to-them toys, games, crafts and movies along with their favorites.

Work with them to learn what they want to have, and add a fan if that part of the house tends to get a bit warm.