Make Some Holiday Dessert Magic

The best part of the holiday meal sometimes is the desserts! Here are a few favorites sure to keep your taste buds happy this holiday season.

Sugar Cookies

A holiday classic, these cookies bring families together with a sweet taste and fun decorating options.

  • It’s all in the icing, some say, so here’s a recipe you might try:
  • If you’re in a rush to get cookies to teachers, friends, and family gatherings, here’s a recipe with just three ingredients:


Why not make your own gingerbread house that you can eat, too?!

  • See these tips on making sure your house has a solid foundation:

Peppermint Bark

Nothing says holidays like the combination of chocolate and peppermint.

  • Here you go for an easy and quick creation:

Chocolate Truffles

A classic to satisfy the chocolate lovers in your home.

  • Ooh la la, this French concoction is said to be from the kitchen of Auguste Escoffier when hot cream was accidentally poured into a bowl of chocolate. Try:


An acquired taste, perhaps, but it wouldn’t be the holidays without it.

  • Bring on the spirits and follow this gallery of recipes: