Q&A Crystal Fox, Shelter Manager, Valley Humane Society

About how many animals can the shelter house at one time?

We can house 40 to 150 cats (depending on age, size, etc.) and 55 to 120 dogs (depending on age, size, etc.). Our numbers are higher in the spring and fall when we get more puppies and kittens. We have a dog nursery and a cat nursery. I try to ensure we stay full so we can help save the lives of as many dogs and cats as possible, most rescued from municipal shelters forced to euthanize. We maintain a waitlist for owner surrenders. We try to help keep dogs in homes by providing advice, kennels, and training tips.

What is the most important thing people can do to help?

We are always in need of financial support. Regular monthly donors provide us with the financial support to save lives. We also ask that people choose us as their charity for Fry’s Grocery and Amazon Smile. Towels, blankets, and sheets are always needed.

Where is the new thrift store/consignment shop located?

The store is at 315 N. Florence St. A few years ago, we moved it from the shelter into Old Town Casa Grande. When Chris Serrano of Casa Grande Consignment decided to retire, we met with Chris, his son Kevin and Debby Martin, the landlord, and decided to embrace the opportunity to expand our thrift store and combine it with the consignment store.

How does the inventory differ from past locations of the BowWow Meow Thrift store?

We have space to display furniture, and we can stock many more types of goods, including clothing. Consignees agree to a 60/40 split on the sale price of their items. With the thrift store, 100% of the proceeds support the shelter.

Has the new location increased the store’s revenue; what is that money used for?

Revenue has increased, but so have costs. The profit is used to cover the needs of the shelter. Since January we have added five feral cat enclosures, and we share these “mousers” with people in need of rodent control on farms or businesses. We remodeled the intake building for dogs. We hope to add eight to 10 “quiet, long-stay” kennels for dogs difficult to place. Our long-term goal is to construct additional buildings.

It is our passion, our greatest desire, and our life goal to save as many lives as we can.