Smart Ways to Refresh Your Home Office

by Blake Herzog

Many of us have been working from home for more than a year, if not longer. It’s time to think about what isn’t working for you in your home office and consider what can be done to make it a healthier, more productive space to be in.

Adjustable desk — These not only allow you to stand while you work for better fitness and productivity, but to work at different angles while seated for maximum comfort for whatever your body needs at any given moment. Consider hand-cranked versions for affordability and that extra minute or two of exercise needed to operate it.

Comfortable chair — Find one that at a minimum can be adjusted for seat height and back tilt. Check the seat dimensions because a chair that is too narrow, too wide or too deep for your frame can cause problems. Chair backs should be between 12 and 19 inches and include adjustable lumbar (lower back) support.

Versatile light sources — Work lights have evolved in almost every way imaginable, from high to low, flexible to directed. Now you can buy lamps with adjustable color modes or “temperatures” that promote different moods and types of productivity. Studies have found “warm” (ambient or yellowish) light can increase creativity while “cool” (task) lighting is better for concentration.

Add greenery — All trends point to bringing the outdoors in as much as possible, which can be done through greenery, flowers, and better still, houseplants. Researchers at Oxford found adding plants to a workplace increased productivity 15% by making workers feel more engaged physically, emotionally, and cognitively involved in their work. Choose easy-to-grow plants that won’t require too much of your attention in the process of improving productivity!

White or magnetic board — Make sure there’s some cheerful or inspiring imagery on your wall, but leave room for a large space to plan and dream; a magnetic whiteboard gives you the advantages of both approaches.