Steve Murray Designated Broker/Owner, The Maricopa Real Estate Co.

In 2021 The Maricopa Real Estate Co. hit a major milestone in Pinal County as the agency surpassed a billion dollars in sales, cementing its status as the No. 1 brokerage in the region. Headed up by Steve Murray, the company has approximately 70 agents with 90% of the sales in the Maricopa area.

Murray and his two sons, Ryan and Brady, have led the way with major commercial and development deals around the city, working with investors and City Hall itself. Major recent transaction includes a 15-acre parcel, which was sold to the city for $6 million intended for mixed-use commercial.

“Steve and The Maricopa Real Estate Co. are successful because Steve sets the bar and believes in both what we do as a company and as a part of the community,” Ryan says.

As Brady says “It’s not sacrificing when you love what you do. Steve loves the company, the agents, the community, and the business itself with all the people he meets and helps every day.”

“Real estate is the center of business activity in Maricopa,” says Murray, “In so many aspects, whether it is sales and acquisitions or with all of the home services that revolve around it, we work with local companies first because when it comes down to it, like us, they are the backbone of this community.”

Steve has sponsored such local events as the recent Scrabble Tournament and the Chihuahua Festival and Car Show.

21300 N. John Wayne Parkway No. 101
Maricopa, AZ 85139