Tanya Powers Honeycutt Coffee and Wine Bar

The owner of Honeycutt Coffee and Wine Bar has been hit with every kind of business challenge every start-up wants to avoid, namely major construction at the entrance of the shop followed by a global pandemic. Tanya has persevered from nearly being out of business to exploring expansion possibilities.

Honeycutt has now become “City Hall” away from City Hall, where business and city leaders meet up in a more casual setting. In the last year, Honeycutt was recognized as the Best Small Business by the Chamber of Commerce, Best Patio, and Best Coffee Shop in Pinal County through Golden Corridor Living, and voted Creme De La Copa, Best Coffee Shop from the Maricopa Monitor.

Community-minded, in August, Tanya gave free coffee all month to first responders as a “thank you.” With the return of winter visitors, Powers is setting up weekly events.