Teachers Gain by Being Physically Active

by Tiffanie Grady-Gillespie, Certified Physical Trainer,
Certified Corporate Wellness Coach, WickedFiTT

If you are a teacher, you know how hard free time is to come by and how easy it is to forget about taking care of you. Even the absolute best teachers.

No matter how driven or prepared you are, if you aren’t healthy you will begin to struggle. Being a teacher requires so much time, effort, and energy to bring your A game (get it?) to the classroom. One of the best investments you can make is in your own health.

I am so fortunate to know some amazing local educators. I would love to share some of their advice with you on how they stay fit and healthy.

Lorena Jimenez/counselor, Vista Grande High School: “As a high school counselor I work with students, parents, and teachers on a daily basis. Working out before work gets me mentally prepared for anything the day brings. It makes my body and brain stronger

Brie Taylor/math content coach, Mesquite, Palo Verde elementary schools: “Starting the day with a workout helps set a positive vibe for the rest of my day. I feel more mentally and physically prepared for whatever adventures the day brings. When I stick with healthier choices and I don’t miss workouts with Tiff, I am more energized and happier!”

Thelma Whaling/teacher, Cholla Elementary: “To me staying fit is crucial to my profession. My job requires me to be active and energetic. My 5 a.m. routine with Tiff enables me to perform my job to the best of my ability. I feel like I can keep up with the little ones with much lower risk of being injured and/or run down by the daily physical requirements of being a kindergarten teacher.”

Mica Jimenez/teacher, Ironwood Elementary: “It promotes healthy habits, and it helps me feel better about myself. I have more energy and it helps motivate me to create goals. This carries on to my role as a teacher and with my students. I love doing exercises, guided dances, and playing with my students at recess. Being active is important to me.”

I love my teachers. And I agree, teaching is a super stressful job, so take control now, and you’ll always be a healthy teacher ready to tackle any challenge and face each and every day with a smile.