A Look Inside Lifted High Garage Door Repair with Owner, Shawn Gregory

Q: What led up to starting your own company?

A: In 2015, I was working as an industrial maintenance engineer making less than half of what my company paid in other states. Knowing that my family was not living in a prosperous environment and how it was reflecting where we were in life, I prayed the Lord would make my family worth blessing, a family people would see and think “Wow, what great Christians!” Told the Lord I wanted to be blessed with enough abundance that I could bless those in need.

Within months, a job came in an area I would have never expected, but it was a better job than I had. Took the job working for a garage door company and after months of working I realized that the prices for the services I was providing was a horrible rip-off and scam.

I continued working for about three months, cutting the prices down to what was fair. In January 2017, my mother died. While I was off handling her estate, they fired me for “leaving money on the table.”

Using the little money we got from my mother’s estate, I purchased parts and supplies, then started promoting on Facebook and Craigslist. Having to go back to driving a truck in ready-mix to help feed my family while working two jobs, we finally got to the level we are today.

Yes, our biggest love in this business is that the business has given us the ability to give back.

Q: How did you name your company?

A: It came from a Christian biker buddy who knew I loved to preach the word when working on the garages of my fellow Christian customers.

Q: Is regular maintenance for garage doors necessary?

A: We suggest that you have a professional inspection at least every year or two. We lubricate parts and inspect critical areas to make sure you will not have a catastrophic door failure. In most cases, bearings, cables and springs will give warnings they are going bad.

Q: Summertime is almost here; so you offer any service or product to help with the heat in the garage?

A: We offer insulated doors. If you insist on insulating your current door we offer parts that will support the panels and should keep them from failing.

Q: The economy in general and the supply chain is going through “funky times.” How has it affected your industry?

A: Supply issues have caused us an almost 140% increase on our end. Fortunately, we have been able to keep our prices under that increase. We have had to rent four inside storage areas and an outside storage area so when parts are available we can buy them and stock up. We keep doors in stock.

Q: Does keeping it local matter?

A: Local companies have a vested interest in keeping our customers happy because we don’t want to have to go elsewhere looking for work. I also spend my money with other local companies. We also donate to local charities and schools.

By hiring local, you should get a better experience at a lower price because there’s less travel, and most of us don’t spend a lot of money on overhead expenses. Savings are passed onto the customer.

Q: Where did you see the company in five years?

A: Every person we hire has a contract — when they reach a minimum of 10 years with the company, and are knowledgeable enough and ready, I will start them a Lifted High in a city of their choosing.