Bring these Essentials to the Grill

by Blake Herzog

Grilling outside is a quintessential American summer activity, and a year-round one in the Golden Corridor.

Here’s a refresher on the tools and foods you should have on hand for every festive barbecue meal!


Propane grills are the most popular and convenient models these days, and keeping an extra tank on hand is a good idea as long as you’re able to store it safely. Natural gas grills are connected to the main gas line, eliminating the need to store fuel.

Charcoal grills are considerably less expensive but harder to control. Many people are eager to deal with those variables to enjoy the smokier, more traditional barbecue taste charcoal grilling can produce.

Wood pellet grills use electricity to heat specialized pellets that also create a great smoky flavor. Most cost more to purchase than other types of grills but cost the same or less to operate.


Tongs — These need to be large enough to keep your hands away from the grill yet delicate enough to not smash burgers, vegetables or other edibles that might not be able to stand up to a lot of pressure, which is a tricky but doable balance to find.

Spatula — The right one will be wide and sturdy enough for you to flip burgers with confidence.

Meat thermometer — A fast, easy-to-read one is crucial for getting steak, beef and poultry off the grill after they’re adequately cooked and before getting overly charred.

Attire — Grilling gloves and aprons designed for the task offer more protection, dexterity (from gloves) and convenience (from aprons with pockets) for the grill master or grill mistress.

THE GRUB — This is more a matter of personal taste!

The protein — Use classic hot dogs and burgers, steak, ribs, poultry and seafood, and you can consider exotics like bison, goat, venison or plant-based steaks and burgers.

The sides — Many veggies and even fruits are fantastic off of the grill along with toast and add-ons like cheese.

Condiments — Your favorite barbecue sauce or spice rub, plus mustard, ketchup, mayo, pickles, the works!