Fitness Starts at Home

by Tiffanie Grady-Gillespie, Certified Physical Trainer, Certified Corporate Wellness Coach, WickedFiTT

I get it, I’m a mom, and I totally understand how difficult it is to find time to work out when a good day is finding time to go to the bathroom without your kids following you.

True, it does get tougher once we become parents to find time to exercise, but it becomes even more important. We are setting the example; our kids are watching; it’s time we start practicing what we preach.

It’s simple really. If we want our kids to eat healthy, we need to eat healthy. If we want them to exercise, we need to exercise.

Fitness-focused families are generally healthier, happier, and more resilient to the stress and pressure of everyday life. Try to find what works best for your family and make it fun. Incorporate a little creativity.

Remember, you don’t just find the time to exercise; you have to create it. Set aside the time.

And just to be clear, a workout doesn’t have to mean running laps or lifting weights. Think of exercise as leading an active lifestyle with your kids, and you’ll be able to fit in way more than you think.

Here are some great family-friendly activities to get you started;

Walk the dog — This may seem super simple, but kids tend to have such a fascination with animals. An activity as basic as walking the dog likely will seem so much more exciting to kids than to you, making this a great way to get the whole family (and the dog) moving.

Go for a swim — Swimming is known as the perfect exercise. It provides you with all of the benefits of a full aerobic workout without putting any pressure on the joints. Swimming is an exercise that can be done by just about every member of the family, no matter their age.

Dance, dance, dance — Dancing is such a fantastic workout, and this is an easy one for getting the whole family involved. Maybe pop in a dance game and compete in your living room. You will all have a great time, get an awesome workout, and improve those dancing skills.

Get creative — Think like a kid. Playing games like freeze tag or an active game of animal charades with kids or keep-away with pets is a great way to sneak some cardio in while also having fun. They won’t even realize it’s exercise.

This may not be a super popular option with the kiddos, but household chores also can be turned into a workout.

Whichever activity you choose, you’ll burn extra calories instead of storing them. Teaching our kids the importance of physical activity while they are young will help them maintain the habit when they’re older.