Home for All the Holidays in an RV

by Blake Herzog

Maybe you just spent Christmas and New Year’s in your RV. It was underwhelming.

You could be a full-time digital nomad, a winter visitor, or a local who takes the family off to different campgrounds on weekends. You figured you would have no room for a “real” tree or anything approximating one, so you got that 7-inch light-up tree you found on those budget shelves just inside Target’s front door. It was cute, but not the same.

Many RVers have discovered over the years that it doesn’t have to be that way, including Kristi and Spencer Stevens, who with their son Kade make up the cast of the “Adventurtunity Family” YouTube channel and website.

Kristi recently wrote about a year of holidays spent on the road for the Holiday Rambler blog — you can read her in-depth coverage of Thanksgiving dinner at www.holidayrambler.com/blog/adventurtunity-tv.

“To our surprise, we were able to celebrate 10 holidays and special occasions over the past year,” she wrote. “We hosted a Super Bowl party, Valentine’s Day brunch, 4th of July dinner, and our son’s 4th birthday party complete with a bounce house and new friends!”

She suggested people with kids or grandkids along for the ride try the YearCheer “holiday in a box” subscription service. The Stevenses also picked up festive ornaments and objects during their adventure and also created their own by painting smooth river rocks and collecting branches and leaves to decorate the table

After they first hit the road in September 2020, “We learned very quickly that most campgrounds have massive Halloween celebrations that include costume contests, crafts, and trick or treating throughout the entire month,” Kristi wrote. She suggests reserving your spot early.

And Christmas turned out to be a season of miracles, after all. Finding a tree that would fit in the space behind the RV’s driver’s seat meant having issues hauling it back in a Jeep Wrangler until a kindly bystander offered to deliver it for them.

“Celebrating the holidays while traveling may look different than it does in a sticks-and-bricks home, but it doesn’t need to be any less special,” Kristi said.