Make your Garden True to You in ‘22

by Blake Herzog

January is full of trend pieces, but ultimately you’re the most important arbiter of taste, especially when it comes to your home and yard. You and your family are going to be the ones living there day-to-day, and you want something that’s going to be comfortable yet energizing for all who live there.

That is the most important aspect to keep in mind, but there are other trends that can help guide you toward a garden that’s healthy and comfortable for all.

Plant for yourself
Be very intentional about what you plant in your yard. It’s always easier to go with what’s in stock and you can do that to a degree, but think about what features and sensory impressions will keep you coming back to your outdoor space.

Choose the colors that make you happy and peaceful, and exclude those that aren’t your favorites. Select plants to attract the pollinators you most like to watch, whether they’re bees, butterflies, or hummingbirds.

Use your balconies and patios
This is most obvious when you have an apartment or smaller lot, but even if you have an acre don’t forget your smaller outdoor sanctuaries. These are the best places to experiment because you’ll be planting in pots, so one plant or two that doesn’t work out can be swapped out for another bloomer.

You can also try out plants you’re thinking about putting into the ground later, especially if you can approximate the soil conditions on your property.

Create seamless green
Since your patio or balcony already is festooned with greenery just continue the theme inside, taking advantage of the stunning architecture of these unique specimens to give your interior some unmatched beauty. Or you can go with more of a “jungle” motif because you won’t need as much water to keep lush, tropical plants thriving.

Keep the garden going throughout your home by placing pots of herbs in front of sunny windows and using grow lights to foster plants in rooms that don’t have natural light.