Offering Affordable Cost for your Legal Needs

by Patricia Glover, Certified Paralegal, Certified Legal Document Preparer, Glover Court Solutions & Estate Planning

Quality legal services are difficult to come by, especially for people with limited financial means. Glover Court Solutions & Estate Planning (GCSEP) is a new kind of law practice: non-attorney.

Unlike attorneys, GCSEP is able to use its own in-house process servers and investigators for most things. Unlike paralegals, GCSEP is a licensed legal document preparer entity regulated by the Arizona Supreme Court to prepare legal documents without the supervision of attorneys.

GCSEP believes individuals and businesses should be empowered to take an active lead in their legal matters. A recent study found that 75% of all Arizona court cases involve at least one self-represented person.

GCSEP can help you navigate the court system, prepare a probate-avoidance (asset protection) estate plan, or start a new business at a fraction of the cost you would pay an attorney. GCSEP cannot, however, provide legal advice or represent you in a courtroom.

Documentation preparation services include estate planning, real estate transfers, business formation (or 501(c)(3) nonprofit formation), bankruptcy, family law assistance, probate court assistance, legal document preparation, process server, and mobile notary services.

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